About Us

Myndology is an Appleton, WI based company committed to creating and delivering genius solutions to all of your note card needs. Whether you are studying for a test, learning a new language, crafting a shopping list, or whatever it is you need to jot down, Myndology is your go to note taking provider. We strive to break the boarders of boring and bring to life products that can be used from young to old that help you get through school, work, and everyday life.

It all started in the 1990’s when the pioneer for Myndology brought back the idea of a ring on a note card from Japan. The Japanese students were using this method for studying and were making them on their own from scrap paper and a clip. Soon, an “ah-ha” moment was captured and the ring bound decks were created. After much success, other ideas were implemented into the product line, with the disk bound notebooks being a huge hit. A partnership with Atoma, a Belgian based company, was formed, and we gained the rights to distribute and sell a very slick line of notebooks.

Our goal is to make stationary products that help you create, study, and do whatever it is you want to do. And, we believe in making these products look cool too. Our company tagline is “Good Thinking”, and that says it all. Cleverly simply solutions to making the best stationary products in the world.