Going Green

recycle_logoAs some of you may know, going green has been one of our top priorities. Whether it’s recycling our excess paper or encouraging our employees to bike to work, we’re always looking for the next green alternative.

Myndology Bare

Our first step into the green world, the Myndology Bare disc bound products, has been a great green success. With hydro-electric power manufacturing our Bare paper and a 100% recycled paper cover, our green looks good!

Green Hosting

In continuing with our green initiative, we have moved our website hosting to a new host that allows us to boast “Our Website is green!” We are proud to announce that all of our hosting needs are now provided by Fox Valley Web Design LLC & CybrHost. They’ve done the math and every website that they host can consider themselves green (carbon neutral to be exact). You can read more about their Green Plus Certification here.


Myndology will be putting brand new items on the website within the next few weeks. Check back and look for the NEW PRODUCTS icon on the main page soon. Index Cards/Sticky Notes, and other items will soon be av... (read more)


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